The alleged woman is seen having fun in the video. Photo: Tik Tok video

A domestic worker in Singapore has copped a heap of criticism from social media users after posting Tik Tok videos in which she seems to be taunting a toddler. The maid insisted she was just having some fun.

The domestic worker, who is believed to be from Myanmar, can be seen in the video withholding snacks from the little boy, China Press reported. Every time the boy reaches for the food, the maid takes it away; the toddler looks frustrated, but the maid is laughing out loud.

Later the maid can be seen kneading the toddler’s face to the beat of  music, while the boy focuses totally on a pink toy car in his hands.

Some social media users labeled the maid as “unprofessional”, and accused her of trying to make herself  “famous” by using her employer’s young son. However, the maid replied in the comment section that she was only trying to make the boy giggle.

She said her employer had installed security cameras in the home and was fully aware of her methods of looking after the toddler. The woman stressed that she loved children and that there was no way she would try to do any harm to them.

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