The petition quilt to be taken to the Ministry of Labor this Sunday. Photo: Domestic Caretaker UNION/Facebook

Workers at Taoyuan in northwest Taiwan will stage a protest outside the Ministry of Labor building on June 16 to lobby authorities for improved conditions, including a guaranteed day off every week.

The rally, marking International Domestic Workers Day, has been organized by the Domestic Caretaker’s Union, the second-largest employee’s group in Taiwan, which is led by Filipino and Indonesian migrant workers, the United Daily News reported.

They argue that a true day off should mean workers physically being able to leave the confines of their employer’s house for 24 hours and that the government should subsidize employers to hire replacements.

The union cited a report from the Ministry of Labor that stated more than 60% of migrant domestic caregivers or domestic workers in Taiwan had never taken “true” days off.

Under the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers, which sets out their labor rights, weekly rest is defined as having at least 24 consecutive hours away from the job. The convention was adopted by the International Labor Organization on June 16, 2011.

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