The HDB neighborhood in Pasir Ris in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The HDB neighborhood in Pasir Ris in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

The employers of an Indonesian maid in Singapore have now banned her going out alone after she borrowed from fine anonymous moneylenders who harassed the family she worked for.

The 38-year-old Indonesian divorcee had allegedly borrowed from five anonymous moneylenders via WhatsApp and gave the money to her boyfriend. She regretted what she’d done and the harassment her employers and neighbors suffered. Her compatriot also lost her job as a result.

Her 50-year-old employer, a cafe manager, told the Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) newspaper in an interview that her maid had been working satisfactorily for the family for two years at the family’s HDB flat in Pasir Ris, However, she recently borrowed several thousand dollars for her boyfriend to build a new house in the home country.

In mid-May, the employer received a call from a man who claimed to a loanshark and ordered him to settle three debts on behalf of his maid. The man confronted his maid, who admitted she took out a loan of S$300 for her boyfriend, who she added has now run away with the money.

Because the family had four sons aged between four and 18 and were concerned for their family’s safety, they took their maid to file a police report, where she admitted she had borrowed from five moneylenders through WhatsApp.

Her employers paid a total of S$1,000 (US$749), while their maid had to pay another S$3,400 (US$2,548), including interest, to various moneylenders.

The maid said she deeply regretted what she’d done, particularly because of the harassment of her employer’s family. She also regretted that one of her compatriots, another maid who was the guarantor of the loans, had been dismissed from her job after her employer was harassed by the loansharks.

To ensure the safety of their sons and maid, the family said they did not allow her to go out alone for the time being.