Chia-Yi Hospital, Chiayi City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Chia-Yi Hospital, Chiayi City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 32-year-old Indonesian maid has stunned her elderly employer in Taiwan by having a baby – at home – after working in Chiayi County for just four months.

The domestic worker, who got pregnant before arriving in Taiwan, had an emergency home birth last month, startling her 85-year-old employer.

The elderly woman, who is the mother-in-law of Chiayi City council-woman Chang Hsiu-Hua, said she had been puzzled over the past four months because her new maid was a plump woman who seemed to be getting fatter – as if she was pregnant, The United Daily News reported.

The worker kept her pregnancy a secret until one day in May when she went into labor at 3am, which prompted her to call the family’s former maid, another Indonesian, about delivering the child at home. The former maid then informed the Changs’ sister-in-law.

As a mother of five children, the maid stayed calm and delivered her sixth child by herself in her bedroom.

But the Chang family was shocked and immediately called for police assistance.

The mother and her newborn child were sent to Chia-Yi Hospital, where both were found to be in a healthy condition.

While shocked initially, the Chang family were understanding and gave the maid postnatal care. But the maid’s employment was voluntarily terminated, and she is now living with compatriots until she gets help from the city government to pay for her and her child to fly back to Indonesia.

At present, a pregnancy test is not part of the health checks that foreign women hoping to work in Taiwan as maids are required to undergo.

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