's EOS token came first in Beijng's latest monthly crypto-currency index. Photo:'s EOS token came first in Beijng's latest monthly crypto-currency index. Photo:

The People’s Republic of China’s latest monthly rating of crypto-currencies was announced at the Shanghai Science Hall last week and, from a list of 30, the EOS token was ranked first, Ethereum second and Bitcoin 17th.

The “Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index,” said to be compiled by a team of “first-rate domestic experts and scholars,” attempts to evaluate global blockchain projects on the basis of their technological capability, usefulness and innovation. It was first published in May to compensate for what the Chinese government considers to be the “lack of completely independent assessment” of crypto and blockchain projects.

The China Center for Information Industry Development started producing the index despite Beijing’s high-profile tough stance on crypto-currency trading and initial coin offerings. The project, overseen by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing, sets out to provide sets of government, academic and industry reports that, in combination, evaluate and review the performance of national and industry-led blockchain projects – a technology Beijing has been fully supportive of – while, perhaps more surprisingly, also providing a benchmark view on the most popular global crypto tokens, from Bitcoin to Zcash.

The June edition gives the EOS platform first place in the index because of its “outstanding technical advantages in transaction confirmation efficiency, network throughput, and transaction costs” of the protocol. Although the EOS network, launched in early June in Hong Kong by, has faced technical issues, the index still judges the project to be “highly active in technological innovation” and a “new generation public blockchain.”

According to the Financial Times, raised $4.15 billion via a year-long fundraising process that closed at the start of June. If correct, these numbers make this the largest initial coin offering ever.

Last month’s index saw first place occupied by Ethereum followed by Steem, Lisk, Neo and Komodo. The judges then said Ethereum got the highest score in terms of technology while NEO was first in terms of application. Bitcoin was ranked 13th in May. Although its low position was due to the limited use of its blockchain network, it got the highest score in the aspect of innovation, as it remains completely powered by a decentralized blockchain network and was also the world’s first digital currency.

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