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A Hong Kong-born Indian man who helped police to arrested suspects in various cases said he is proud to be a Hongkonger.

Jimmy Singh Baljinder, who speaks fluent Cantonese, said he, his father and grandfather were all born in Hong Kong, according to a feature story in Sing Tao Daily.

Baljinder, 41, who was an assistant officer with Correctional Services for 10 years, now works for a security management company.

He said he actually wanted to become a police officer when he was a little boy but his dream could not come true as he doesn’t know how to read and write Chinese.

However, he never gave up his calling to fight for the people, spending his leisure time investigating suspicious cases that happened around him or helping police to arrest suspects, including a man who damaged private cars in a carpark and a drug-trafficking case.

Baljinder received a Good Citizen Award from the Hong Kong Police Force two years ago, and he is proud to contribute to society. He said he loves Hong Kong and the city is his home.

He also advised ethnic minorities to learn Chinese to improve their lives and allow them more choices for work if they want to stay in the city, Ming Pao Daily reported.

In recent years, he has gathered resources and volunteers to teach ethnic minority people how to speak Chinese, hoping to help them progress in Hong Kong.

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