Sanya, in Hainan Province, could be transformed through a new partnership, between Chinese corporate monolith Ping An and the local municipal government, that says it aims to develop a new "Smart City". Photo: iStock

Hainan, the southernmost island province of China, is planning to introduce 50,000 foreign workers as part of the government’s effort to improve internationalization in the tourism industry, China News Service reported.

The government has set a goal to increase the number of inbound tourists to two million by 2020.

 In order to meet the demand of international staff in the areas of sales, management, massage and house-keeping, who have a certain English education background, the government will issue work visas for qualified workers from Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, based on the two key tourism cities of Haikou and Sanya, Hainan plans to build foreign tourists clusters, where people can use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube freely.

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