Electric bus. Photo: iStock
Electric bus. Photo: iStock

The Guangdong provincial government has released a new guidance to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, aiming to replace all city buses in Guangzhou and Zhuhai city with electric ones by the end of 2018, The Paper reported.

The guidance has also put forward a goal that the rest of the cities on the Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region must update their city buses by the end of 2020, among which pure electric buses should account for over 85% of the total buses.

Shenzhen city already accomplished the goal last year.

Meanwhile, in order to accelerate the expansion of the industry, the government will encourage Internet firms to explore future possibilities in the new energy vehicle sector.

For companies that invest more than two billion yuan (US$310 million) in electric car manufacturing, or invest over one billion yuan in car parts production, the government will help to acquire land and provide subsidies.