Central Area, Macau
Photo: Google Maps
Central Area, Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 40-year-old Filipino was arrested on Thursday for allegedly stealing HK$100,000 cash (US$12,745) from a Macau shop owner whom he had befriended.

The man surnamed Arsesenio was said to be a migrant worker holding a Filipino passport. He had been unemployed since May after working as a technician at a Macau motorcycle shop, Macao Daily News reported.

On Thursday, Police received a report from the owner of a hardware store that a safe containing HK$100,000 in cash was missing from his shop.

Surveillance camera footage showed that, at 1am on the same day, a man entered the shop through the front door after picking the lock using a bump key. Ten minutes later, the man was seen taking the safe out of the shop, and riding away on a motorcycle.

At 8pm, officers intercepted the suspect in the Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal area and confiscated HK$40,000 cash, as well as a screwdriver and a hammer found in his flat.

Officers said the suspect took the safe back to the apartment and used the tools to force it open.

Meanwhile, officers also found that the suspect had pawned a golden necklace in early May. They later verified that the necklace belonged to the hardware store owner.

Investigations showed that while working at a nearby motorcycle dealer, the suspect had befriended the hardware shop owner. The owner even had offered the suspect a place to sleep in his shop when he was unemployed.

The suspect was charged with one count of aggravated theft and fraud and the case was referred to the public prosecution office.

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