Taoyuan City Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taoyuan City Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Families seeking carers in Taoyuan City to look after elderly relatives have been advised by the National Immigration Agency to hire them through hospitals to avoid employing illegal migrants who have gone on the run.

City councilor Huang Ching-Hsi said a family had sought help from him after being found guilty of hiring an Indonesian caregiver who no longer had a legal permit to work in the country, The Liberty Times reported.

Huang was told that an elderly member of the family had recently been admitted to hospital and would need a carer. As everyone in the family was working fulltime, the Indonesian was hired in a hurry from an advertisement on a bulletin board at the hospital.

The maid was paid NT$2,500 a day for the one month when the family member was in hospital. However, the National Immigration Agency then advised that the Indonesian was an illegal migrant and the family member responsible was fined NT$150,000 (US$5,045). He was also barred from hiring a carer when one was most needed.

Lin Wan-yi, the director of the National Immigration Agency Taoyuan service station, advised that carers should be hired via official channels at medical institutions or by conducting background checks  on the identity cards and residence permits of immigrants.