The salesman falling to the floor at the auto show in Beijing. Photo:
The salesman falling to the floor at the auto show in Beijing. Photo:

In China, being a salesman can be an especially tough job as many only survive on commissions from the sales they make. Nowhere was this more evident that at last week’s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China) when one hard-working salesman almost expired.

A video taken of a salesman collapsing at the event after spending eight hours talking to a potential customer has gone viral. There had been no quarrel or fight, just the salesman trying to talk the potential cusomer into buying a vehicle.

Eventually the customer is alleged to have said “let me think it over at home” before walking away. After his marathon effort and no result, the salesman collapsed and fell into a coma. He was immediately sent to a hospital by ambulance.

The clip of the salesman collapsing was viewed by more than 800,000 people, a number close to the 820,000 attendances in China’s largest annual car show. Most of the comments were sympathetic.

One said: “This is like selling a life, and it is not an easy job.” Another said: “This is unethical – if you don’t buy, don’t spend so much time.”
More comments focused on the customer’s behavior.

Many were also surprised that such a tragic event would happen at China’s most anticipated car show where more than 100 new models are displayed.

In fact, more than 1,200 car manufacturers from around the globe, including Toyota, BMW and General Motors, displayed over 1,000 vehicles, including 64 concept cars and 174 electrified vehicles.

The incident with the salesman almost eclipsed the theme of the electric car, which reflected Beijing’s newfound determination in dealing with the country’s smog problem.

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