Taoyuan Government Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taoyuan Government Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 46-year-old Vietnamese woman from Taoyuan City in Taiwan has been helping homeless compatriots for 10 years by providing food and shelter at her three-story halfway house.

The woman, whose surname is Tran, ran a small grocery shop in the Dayuan District of Taoyuan with her Taiwanese husband for 13 years, the United Daily News reported.

They began helping struggling Vietnamese nearly a decade ago when a runaway migrant worker became homeless. With Tran’s assistance, the worker was repatriated.

In 2015, she opened a halfway house to accommodate Vietnamese workers, who were struggling to find a home.

Since then, it has been estimated that the couple has helped more than 1,000 Vietnamese people. Many were sick or injured and all were homeless.