The National Su-Ao Marine & Fisheries Vocational High School in Yilan County, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An 18-year-old Vietnamese migrant, who came to Taiwan to be reunited with her mother, scored the highest marks in a professional accounting test in April.

Nguyen Thuy Huyen flew to Taiwan from north Vietnam last August to see her mother who had married for a second time to a Taiwanese man after the death of Nguyen’s biological father, The Liberty Times reported.

Her past results helped her get admitted as a first-year student at the National Su-Ao Marine & Fisheries Vocational High School where she is studying Business Management.

However, Nguyen learned only Vietnamese and English and did not understand Chinese. To overcome the language barrier, she asked classmates and teachers for help during class and did a new immigrant language course after school.

She also used her spare time searching online for the meaning of Chinese words in English and Vietnamese. With improving Chinese language skills, Nguyen was getting better academic results.

In April, Nguyen sat a Level 3 examination called the Test of Accounting administered by the Commercial Vocational Education Society. She scored the highest of the 250 who sat for the test in Yilan County.

Nguyen told reporters she enjoys life in Taiwan and would like to pursue a law degree at university.