A Greenpeace report claims Taiwanese authorities have failed to stop abuses in its fishing industry. Photo: iStock

Indonesian fishermen have been subjected to human trafficking, abuse and forced labor in Taiwan, a non-government organization has claimed.

A report by Greenpeace titled ‘Misery At Sea‘ highlighted the ongoing problems and failures of Taiwanese authorities to sanction human rights abuses and the report pointed out several cases of Indonesian fishermen who were victims of trafficking and abuse.

Supriyanto, 43, an Indonesian man who worked as a bus ticket collector in Tegal in central Java, decided to work as a fisherman to earn more money for his family.

In late 2014, he started with the recruitment process and was hired and worked on a fishing vessel called Fu Tsz Chiun in April 2015. On August 25, 2015, Supriyanto was found dead onboard the vessel.

“Taiwan appears to accept that Supriyanto was abused prior to his death, but is yet to offer any public explanation or detail on the abuse,” Greenpeace said.