Taichung City Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taichung City Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A top labor official in Taichung, west-central Taiwan, has advised employers to show understanding toward their Indonesian workers’ religious obligation to fast during Ramadan, which began on Tuesday and runs until June 14.

More than 30,990 Indonesians work in Taichung, 20,013 of whom are domestic caregivers, according to statistics from the Labor Affairs Bureau of the Taichung city government, Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News reported.

During Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar – Muslims must abstain from eating during the daylight hours as they pray to become closer to God.

Huang Ho-ting, director of the city’s Labor Affairs Department, advised all employers to respect and accommodate the religious beliefs of migrant workers from Southeast Asian Muslim countries as they are obliged to fast during this 30-day period.

Bosses should not try to coerce their employees into eating, but instead arrange more rest time that allows them to cope with hunger and fatigue.

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