Muscat, Oman. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Muscat, Oman. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Muscat has issued an advisory reminding Filipinos of their basic rights while working in Oman.

On May 2, POLO said in the advisory that Filipino workers must keep their passports with them, unless they voluntarily entrust them to someone or their employment agency. POLO reminded Filipino workers that they are entitled to one day’s paid leave per week, Times of Oman reported.

Employers must pay their domestic workers a monthly salary of 160 rials (US$416) and more than that to skilled workers. They must provide decent food or a food allowance of at least 30 rials.

Employers must also provide safe and suitable accommodations or provide an accommodation allowance of at least 20 rials. A transportation allowance of at least 20 rials must be provided as well.

Employers were reminded that they must provide health and accident insurance to their workers throughout the period of their contract.