Taiwan Sunshine Women's Association on Zhongming South Road, West District, Taichung, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian single mother in Taichung, Taiwan, who despite being fluent in the local language had difficulties in securing employment, has finally succeeded in re-entering the job market by working at a non-profit organization under the government’s multiple employment initiatives program.

The single mother had stayed home for four years to look after her child who was diagnosed with developmental delay, China Times reported.

With her child reaching school age, the woman was anxious over increasing living expenses. A neighbor learned of her situation and recommended that she seek help at the Taichung Employment Services Center, which then referred her to the Taiwan Sunshine Women’s Association.

There she was taught bakery skills and basic knowledge on how to make everything from Chinese steamed buns to difficult products such as black sesame paste and marshmallow biscuits.

When she was assigned to work over the weekends, she was allowed to bring her child with her, who would then be attended by her colleagues in the staff room.

The woman said she was grateful for the government’s efforts and to the association for allowing her to work flexibly and looking after her and her child like family.