The Caotun branch of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation in Nantou County, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 56-year-old Indonesian woman who looks after her bed-ridden Taiwanese husband and their disabled son, has been given an early Mother’s day present by a foundation of volunteers who look after the needy.

The woman, Ar Lan, married her Taiwanese husband 26 years ago and they lived in Shinmen village in Guoxing Town in Nantou County, where they raised chickens for a living.

Four years ago her 84-year-old husband was involved in a traffic accident which left him bed-ridden, The Liberty Times reported. The couple already had a son who had disabilities and depended on his mother to take care of him.

The Caotun branch of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation learned of the difficulties faced by Ar Lan and her family, and so the foundation caregiver, social worker and volunteers visit them every month to provide home nursing care and psychological support.

Because Mother’s Day is approaching, volunteers from the foundation visited on Thursday and presented the hard-working mother with a cake and flowers. Ar Lan was touched and said she would continue to take a positive attitude towards life despite the stress and pressure she was under.