Brunei. Photo: iStock
Brunei. Photo: iStock

An Indonesian worker in Brunei was jailed two months for threatening to kill his employer’s brother with a machete.

The worker named Wartono was asked by his employer’s brother to catch some fish near his employer’s home in Kampong Kianggeh – at 8pm on April 25, Borneo Bulletin reported.

After about 30 minutes, the employer’s brother noticed that Wartono did not obey his instruction and asked him to go fishing at midnight if he was busy. Wartono got angry and got a machete from a cabinet.

Wartono threatened his employer’s brother, saying that he was also a human being and he was tired. Two other workers in the employer’s house managed to restrain Wartono and calmed him.

Police arrived at the house and arrested the Indonesian.

On April 30, Wartono pleaded guilty to threatening his employer’s brother. He said that he only did it to scare the man.

On Saturday (May 6), Wartono was sentenced to two months in jail.