Tungkang, Pingtung county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Tungkang, Pingtung county, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian migrant fisherman went missing after allegedly being stabbed and pushed into the sea by a compatriot during a fight on a Taiwanese fishing boat sailing in waters northeast of Guam on Thursday.

When the Ming Man Hsiang No 38 vessel registered on Lamay Island of Pingtung county, Taiwan, was 530 nautical miles northeast of Guam, an Indonesian fisherman who worked as the chef on the boat was reported missing, while a compatriot was seen with fresh knife cuts on his arms, The United Daily News reported.

The Taiwanese captain learned that the pair had been in a dispute, and that one of them had stabbed the other and pushed the victim into the water.

Since the detained suspect was emotionally unstable, the captain asked the Fisheries Agency at the Taiwan Council of Agriculture for special permission to return to land immediately to ensure the safety of the remaining 10 Indonesian crew members and the Taiwanese chief engineer, instead of the regularly mandated practice of staying in the area for 72 hours looking for the missing person.

The Fisheries Agency granted permission, and assigned the Shun Man Fa No 2 vessel, which was in the vicinity, to take up the searching role.

As of the date of report, it remained unclear whether the missing fisherman was dead or alive.