The Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
The Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 20-year-old Hong Kong woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend in Taiwan in February was pregnant at the time of her death and Taiwan authorities have asked Hong Kong police to check if the boyfriend was the baby’s father.

The Ministry of Justice in Taiwan has asked Hong Kong authorities to provide DNA samples from murder suspect Chan Tong-kai after an autopsy showed his murdered girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing was pregnant, the Oriental Daily reported.

Prosecutors want to see if the suspect was the baby’s father. However, there is no extradition arrangement between Hong Kong and Taiwan and authorities on both sides are assessing how to proceed with the case.

Chan is suspected of murdering Poon during a trip to Taiwan in February and dumping her body in a suitcase near a metro station New Taipei. Afterwards Chan returned Hong Kong alone.

Poon’s father filed a police report when his daughter went missing.

Chan was arrested by Hong Kong police for allegedly stealing Poon’s belongings and using her ATM card to withdraw money from her bank account.

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