Filipino Sheryl (right) carried the crying boy (inset) out of a bathroom whose floor was covered in broken glass. Photos: Facebook / PeiRong 'nohsslw

The mother of a three-year-old boy used Facebook to praise her elder sister’s 32-year-old Filipino domestic worker for her calmness in saving the toddler from injuring himself further after a tempered-glass door shattered in a bathroom, whose floor was strewn with glass shards.

The incident took place at the home of the little boy’s aunt in Khatib, Singapore, during a family reunion on April 28, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The mother noted in her post that when they arrived at her sister’s place, her three-year-old wanted to use the bathroom. While the family maid Jena helped flush the toilet, the young boy stood next to the shower cubicle, whose tempered-glass door suddenly shattered after he slid it open and closed.

Jena was shocked as the boy, with blood streaming down his face, was scared and wanted to walk out of the bathroom, but the floor was covered in glass shards.

Then the sister’s Filipino maid, Sheryl, intervened, telling the toddler not to take any step as she herself walked barefoot into the bathroom to carry him out.

The mother was grateful for Sheryl’s calm and bravery and her selfless act of putting the little boy’s safety first.

The toddler’s aunt said she was touched and proud of Sheryl, who has been a very helpful assistant serving her family for six years.

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