Passengers jump from the wing of the plane after getting out through the emergency exits after a man falsely claimed there was a bomb on board. Photo: Twitter/@greendulu

Eleven passengers on a Lion Air flight in Indonesia on Monday night were injured while jumping onto the tarmac from a parked plane after a man falsely claimed there was a bomb on board.

Fratinus Nirigi, 26, was on board Lion Air flight JT867, which was scheduled to depart from Supadio International Airport on Borneo at 6:50pm and fly to Jakarta. Nirigi was overheard telling a flight attendant there was a bomb on board, The Straits Times reported.

After overhearing Nagiri’s claim, one passenger panicked and broke open the emergency exit doors of the plane. A video shows other passengers jumping onto the tarmac after getting onto the plane’s wing through the emergency exits, causing some to suffer injuries.

There were reportedly 189 passenger on board. Eleven sustained broken bones and head wounds, AP News reported. The flight was delayed until 9:45am and eventually arrived safely in Jakarta at 11:10pm.

Nagiri, as well as the man who broke open the emergency doors, were arrested by West Kalimantan Police. Police also said there was no bomb on the plane.

According to Edward Sirait, the Lion Air Group president and chief executive officer, the airline had received eight fake bomb threats this year. Sirait said the previous incident happened on May 27 on a flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, which resulted in a two-hour delay.