Trenton, New Jersey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Trenton, New Jersey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A former US Air Force pilot has been accused of filming two underaged Filipino girls performing multiple sex acts. On May 2 at a court in Trenton, New Jersey, Frank Maile, 62, was charged with one count of producing visual depictions of child sexual abuse outside the United States with the intent that the depictions be imported into the US, Philippine Lifestyle reported.

Maile was investigated after authorities allegedly found an image of child sex abuse in his laptop when he returned to the United States from overseas last month. On further investigation, the authorities allegedly found a large number of child-sex-abuse images stored in his laptop.

The authorities also claim that in 2013, Maile was in contact with a man in the Philippines who arranged or him to have sex with his two sisters aged nine and 14.

In a statement, the US Attorney’s Office of New Jersey said Maile was in the Philippines on December 2 and 3, 2015, where he filmed two underaged Filipino girls engaging in multiple sex acts.

In the US, the maximum penalty for producing child pornography is a 30-years prison term and a fine of US$250,000.

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