Domestic workers gather in Hong Kong. Photo: iStockphoto
Domestic workers gather in Hong Kong. Photo: iStockphoto

A Filipino maid asked to terminate her employment contract in Hong Kong after claiming her employer had a camera in the toilet, but a police search found nothing.

The incident came to light when the female employer posted a hand-written letter by her domestic worker on a Facebook group called “Employer-employee relationship,” which sparked a heated discussion online, the Oriental Daily reported.

According to the letter, dated April 13, the maid claimed she worked under “emotional and psychological stress” after learning from the 5-year-old girl in her care that her male employer could monitor rooms in the home, including the toilet, on his mobile phone.

The maid claimed she had reported the case to police, the letter said. Her female employer denied the allegation and said the maid had submitted her resignation two days before making the allegation.

The maid’s employer insisted there was no camera in the toilet, but added that the domestic worker acknowledged the existence of four cameras in the home because they had clearly marked their location on the employment contract.

The employer said she reported the case to police, who came to the house. After police arrived and checked the house, they said they did not find a camera in the toilet. The maid could not provide police with any evidence to support her allegation.

The employer said she ended the contract with the maid by paying her in lieu of notice and warned other employers not to hire her.

Some people following the saga online suspected the maid was trying to get money from employers through severance pay by hopping jobs. Others said employers should protect themselves by stating the number and whereabouts of cameras in a home on the employment contract or to report a case to police if similar allegations were made.

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