Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Singapore man who filmed and uploaded a video featuring how he lectured two Filipino domestic workers, who were seen sitting, chatting by the side of a road instead of walking their employer’s dogs, was heavily criticized online, including by the maids’ boss.

The 50-second video uploaded to Facebook on May 25 was removed after going viral online with many Singaporeans calling him a bully and saying he should have been minding his own business, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

In the video, the man confronted the Filipinos impolitely and threatened to tell their bosses that they were sitting and chatting and not walking the dogs. The maids explained they had just walked the dogs around the area and just sat down for a rest, but the man said they were just making excuses.

Most people who saw the video disapproved of the man’s attitude and questioned his intentions.

One woman, who identified herself as the employer of one of the maids in the video, defended her helper, saying she had served her family for more than 14 years and had an “incredible work ethic, sense of responsibility, integrity and smarts.”

The employer stressed that foreign domestic workers have made significant personal sacrifices to come to Singapore to make a living, and they deserve the same, if not more, respect as anyone else.

She also demanded the man apologize publicly and remove the video immediately.