Carrefour, a French multinational hyper market retailer in Guangzhou China. Photo: iStock

French multinational hypermarket retailer Carrefour, which is partnered with Internet giant Tencent, launched its first smart store, “Le Marche” in Shanghai on Sunday, reported.

It is Carrefour’s first “new retail” store in the world that combines catering, fresh produce, imported goods and private labels, and is supported by Tencent’s digital payment method WeChat Pay.

Tang Jianian, CEO of the Carrefour China, told that Carrefour will expand the number of smart stores in the future, and will continue to cooperate with Tencent in seven major sectors including big data and new retail.

Though Tang declined to further disclose specific figures for future expansion, he said two more smart stores will be launched in Shenzhen.

Tang thinks small or medium-sized shops of about 3,000 to 5,000 square meters will be the trend of future retail stores, and Carrefour’s 8,000-square-meter larger stores will be reduced.