Holland Grove View, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Holland Grove View, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A burglar in his 20s who allegedly broke into six apartments on the night of May 14 in Singapore was arrested at the scene with more than S$5,000 (US$3,700) worth valuables after being sighted by a maid who shouted to alert her neighbors.

According to a police statement issued this weekend, a series of burglaries were recorded along Holland Grove View on Monday, in which the culprit visited six apartments and snatched jewelry totaling more than S$5,000 in value, Shin Min Daily News reported.

A 60-year-old housewife recalled that her son-in-law had taken note of a suspicious-looking man who was carrying a large backpack and entering one of the home of one of the neighbors through an open door.

Another interviewee, a 53-year-old housewife, told the reporter that her domestic worker had overheard the neighbor’s maid alert others to close their doors and windows quickly. She then saw a young man in a light-blue T-shirt hopping out of the unit at the back.

She added that her maid had stayed very vigilant and observed the suspicious man from a window, and saw him visit at least five houses and then try hiding in shrubs to evade the police.

Another resident of the area said at least five police cars were dispatched with officers looking for the suspect.

Everyone said they would stay alert by keeping their doors and windows shut in the late evening.