Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker has applied to put her employer on a watchlist overseen by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Hong Kong after she was allegedly abused by her employer’s elderly mother.

Marlyn, who works as a maid in Tsing Yi, said the woman beat her and poured boiling water on her hands, sunwebhk.com reported.

She said her employer did not do anything to stop his mother. She went to her employment agency to complain but the agency passed on the complaint to the old woman, who only became more violent against Marlyn.

The maid said she would just endure taking care of the old woman as she needed the job to support her two children back in the Philippines. However, a compatriot persuaded her to file a complaint to POLO.

POLO’s watchlist bars employers from hiring Filipino domestic workers.

In March last year, the Philippine and Indonesian consulates in Hong Kong started sharing their blacklists of employers who have records of abusing their domestic workers.

According to some media reports, employers who are on such a blacklist are barred from hiring new maids unless they visit the relevant consulate in person and explain their situations.

As of June 2017, POLO recorded that 5,791 prospective employers had their applications rejected for hiring Filipino domestic workers.

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