The intersection of Zhongqing Road and Yingcai Road in Taiching was where the woman was first spotted violating traffic rules. Photo: Google Maps

A 35-year-old Vietnamese woman who drove recklessly to elude police has remained in critical condition in hospital after a serious collision with a police vehicle early this month in Taichung, central Taiwan.

During the early hours of April 5, patrol officers took note of a white sedan failing to comply with traffic rules, and ordered the driver to halt, The Liberty Times reported.

However, the female driver, who was later identified as a Vietnamese woman surnamed Le, sped off, attempting to elude the police by changing lanes and running red lights.

Two more officers surnamed Ting and Hsu joined in the pursuit in a police car, and fired three warning shots in an attempt to apprehend Le. However, the woman continued speeding.

The suspect’s car and the police vehicle reportedly ended up traveling almost parallel on Taiwan Boulevard, but the woman suddenly lost control of her vehicle, hit a pedestrian refuge island, and crashed into the police car, which had failed to halt in time.

The female driver suffered multiple injuries, some severe, as she had allegedly failed to wear a seatbelt, while Hsu sustained head injuries and Ting was injured in both of his legs.

All three were taken to hospital, where the woman, whose blood test came back positive for morphine and amphetamine, was listed in critical condition. She has reportedly remained in critical condition ever since.

Police say they later found illicit substances in Le’s badly damaged car, including 16.5 grams of heroin, 1.8 grams of amphetamine, and cigarettes spiked with heroin powder.