Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station. Photo: Wikipedia, Qwer132477
Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station. Photo: Wikipedia, Qwer132477

Two men were sent to hospital after fighting at a Mass Transit Railway station in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Sunday night. A 20-second video of the fight was captured by a passer-by and uploaded to a Facebook page called “HK Incident.”

The video showed the pair battling at the gate into Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station at 10pm. It was understood that a 49-year-old man surnamed Yung and a 29-year-old man surnamed Fong were fighting to be first to pass through the gate.

Fong, in a white T-shirt, posed as if he were a professional fighter and then pushed Yung. Yung immediately put down his backpack and tried to fight back but was bested by his opponent.

Fong kicked Yung three times, and Yung once lost his balance.

Police arrested the duo for fighting in a public area.

Yung suffered injuries on his legs and head, while there were scratches on Fong’s face and redness on his abdomen.

Some netizens commenting on the video saw no reason for the fight, as there were not many people in the MTR station so late at night and in any case, there were many gates available.

One netizen said people should keep calm and not fight in a public area even if they are provoked.