Passengers queuing up for security check at Guangzhou South Railway Station. Photo: iStock

The US$6 billion worldwide security screening market is monopolized by the United States, making it difficult for Chinese suppliers to find a significant niche, reported.

While the US government recently accused China of “unfair trade practices,” many sectors in China that are open to the US are actually closed to China in the US, especially in high-tech enterprises.

For the most part, the US civil aviation security sector utilizes local suppliers and is rarely open to suppliers from China or other countries, said an insider from Nuetech, who has been providing security solutions to the international airports of Netherlands, Turkey and India, as well as the Rio Olympic Games.

The insider said companies must obtain a certification issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before entering the US civil aviation security equipment supply field. However, as the regulator, the TSA is also the purchaser of such equipment.

Nuetech has been trying to enter the US market for the past 10 years. While in contention with bidding applications from overseas suppliers, the TSA’s attitude always seems to be unclear — “they did not agree with it or reject it … it’s just dragging on,” the insider said.

These same insiders are calling on the US to change what they see as discriminatory practices as soon as possible, and seek to establish a fair and transparent playing field, conducive to the healthy development of the global security inspection market.

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