The Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

Two Filipino domestic workers filed a claim of more than HK$100,000 (US$12,740) of unpaid wages and other payments after their employer committed suicide in early January.

Cleofe Quintella and Amalia Tongga found their elderly employer Fung Yuk-mei dead in her bedroom on January 29 with a pan of burnt charcoal beside her, reported.

The two Filipino maids had both worked for Fung for more than 30 years.

After their employer’s death, the maids filed a claim for part of their employer’s assets at the Labour Tribunal. Quintella has a claim HK$65,438 which includes three months unpaid wages, long service pay, unused statutory holidays, annual leave and an air ticket.

Tongga is claiming HK$41,039 for one month of unpaid wages, long service pay, unused statutory holidays and an air ticket.

On April 6 at the Labour Tribunal, the domestic workers were told that the case cannot move forward as no representative appeared on behalf of their deceased employer.

The domestic workers were told to look up Fung’s name in the Probate Registry to find out who is the administrator of Fung’s assets.

The workers said Fung had no next of kin and the only relative they knew about was a niece, who told them that she had no information about Fung’s assets.

Quintella worked for Fung since 1982 – 36 years, while Tongga was hired in 1985 and had worked for Fung for 33 years.

The officer who presided over the case reportedly adjourned hearings until the maids can supply an executor of their former employer’s estate.

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