MOHW Nantou Hospital in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
MOHW Nantou Hospital in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An illegal Indonesian migrant worker diagnosed with acute brain inflammation received free medical care in Taiwan despite not being covered by health insurance.

Dedi Putra, 28, from Siak in Indonesia, was picked up in a joint operation by police and immigration authorities last month. He was found to have overstayed his visa and was detained at an illegal immigrant center in Nantou, The Commons Daily reported.

While waiting to be deported, Putra was sent to see a psychiatrist after showing signs of mental illness. He was then referred to the neurology ward of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Nantou Hospital, where he was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, an acute form of brain inflammation.

As an illegal migrant, Putra was not covered by Taiwan’s national health system. However, despite the exorbitant medical fees, the hospital signed a letter of consent on his behalf so he could receive treatment.

After three weeks of treatment, Putra, who was initially bed-ridden and had fallen into coma, regained consciousness and his condition improved.

Through the Indonesia Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, Putra’s family was reached and informed of the situation. His elder brother and others arrived in Taiwan on March 30 and expect to accompany him home on April 11.

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