Block 233 on Simei Street 4 in Singapore where the incident happened. Photo: Google Maps
Block 233 on Simei Street 4 in Singapore where the incident happened. Photo: Google Maps

A 27-year-old Indonesian woman, doing her first day’s work as a maid in Singapore, survived a three-story tumble after her fall was cushioned by onlookers.

The domestic worker in Simei, Singapore, slipped and fell from a third-story apartment while cleaning a window. Fortunately she survived thanks to the rescue efforts of her neighbors.

The incident happened at Block 233 on Simei Street 4 at 11:26am on April 26, Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) reported.

The maid was cleaning the window and standing with one foot on the outer ledge of the building and the other on a bamboo pole used for drying clothes. When the pole broke, she slipped but clung to the ledge.

A 56-year-old man living in the unit below was shocked when he saw the maid dangling outside his kitchen window and grabbed her before she lost her grip and fell to the ground.

He tried to drag her into his flat but failed and after about 10 minutes was exhausted and started to lose his grip on the woman. The drama was noticed on the ground below and three men – a postman of Chinese ethnicity, a Malay man and an Indian man in his sixties – were standing by ready to catch her.

When she fell they cushioned her fall, but the maid and the Indian man suffered minor injuries. A woman watching on the ground helped cover the injured maid with a cloth as her top had been torn off.

The maid and the Indian man were sent to Changi General Hospital for treatment, according to the Singapore Civil Defense Force. The Ministry of Manpower was informed of the incident by police and were investigating the case.

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