Kanowit District Police Headquarters, Sarawak, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A 21-year-old Indonesian man was arrested on Thursday morning for allegedly slashing his former employers with a knife on Tuesday evening in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

According to a report by China Press, the man had been hired by an ethnic-Chinese couple, both in their 60s, to work in their grocery store in Nanga Ngemah, Kanowit district. He worked there for a week but was fired on Monday after a quarrel with the couple.

As he was unhappy that the couple had failed to pay him, he returned to the store on Tuesday evening and attacked them with a knife.

He stabbed the 67-year-old man on his head and abdomen and chopped off two fingers of his left hand. The 63-year-old wife suffered slash wounds to her right cheek, right eye and left hand. Her right ear was chopped off.

Hearing a shout from the couple’s neighbors, the Indonesian man fled the scene.

At 6:50am on Thursday, the Indonesian man was identified by Kanowit police, who intercepted his van during a random traffic inspection, the Sun Daily reported. He admitted that he had injured the couple.