Dapu Reservoir in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Dapu Reservoir in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A jealous Taiwanese man who stabbed and killed his 44-year-old Indonesian girlfriend in western Taiwan on Wednesday is thought to have committed suicide by jumping into a reservoir in the neighboring county.

The man surnamed Chang, 44, was a bus driver in Hsinchu County. He started a romantic relationship with the Indonesian woman surnamed Chen, who became a Taiwan national five years ago. The pair had lived in a rented house in Miaoli County since 2015, China Times reported.

But Chang had reportedly become emotionally unstable because he suspected that Chen was having an affair.

On Wednesday evening, Chang sent a note of confession to his stepfather, surnamed Lo, via an instant messaging app, saying he had committed an “unforgivable” crime in his rented unit in Miaoli, and would head to Hsinchu to kill himself. That spurred the old man to call the police for assistance.

Paramedics rushed to the incident unit, where they found Chen unconscious, lying in a pool of blood. The victim was pronounced dead before arriving at a hospital, where she was found to have been stabbed at least 10 times in the neck, chest and back.

Soon after officers located Chang’s registered vehicle near Dapu Reservoir in Hsinchu, but the suspect was nowhere to be seen. The next morning, two footprints believed to match those of the missing man were seen at the bridge, suggesting he had jumped into the water to commit suicide.

Police were continuing their search for Chang and an investigation into the apparent murder-suicide.