The Resonanz Children’s Choir, led by conductor Avip Priatna (center), has won the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing Finale 2018. Photo:

The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC), led by conductor Avip Priatna, won the European Grand Prix (EGP) for Choral Singing in Maribor, Slovenia, on Saturday, according to an online statement.

The Indonesian choir, comprising 44 children, presented seven songs, including “Duo Seraphim” by Thomas Luis de Victoria, “Der Wassermann” by Robert Schumann, and “Ad Amore” by Lee R Kesselman, according to a report by The Jakarta Post.

The group also sang “Janger“, a traditional Balinese song composed by Agustinus Bambang Jusana, followed by “Salve Regina” by Ivan Yohan and “137 Hip Street” by Fero Aldiansya Stefanus.

It is the first time an Indonesian choir has won a title at the EGP for Choral Singing, Avip Priatna, music director of The Resonanz Music Studio, said in a statement.

Priatna said the singers had worked hard in practice and rehearsal to be able to perform the works of world-renowned composers and Indonesian compositions.

Last year, TRCC won the Children’s Choir and Public Audience Award at the Tolosa Choral Contest in Tolosa, Spain, and the overall champion’s title at the Musica Eterna Roma International Choral Competition and Festival.

The Resonanz Children’s Choir. Photo:
The Resonanz Children’s Choir. Photo:

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