Rua da Barca in, Macau.
Photo: Google Maps
Rua da Barca in, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Police have arrested a 30-year-old Indian man for allegedly slashing a Filipino man with a cutter in Macau on Sunday.

Shortly after midnight, when two Filipino men and two Filipino women were chatting in a rest area on Rua da Barca, the Indian man came up and wanted to chat up one of the Filipina but failed, Macau Daily News reported.

The Indian, who worked as a cleaner, and the Filipino group got into an argument and the Indian suddenly pulled out a cutter and allegedly slashed one of the Filipino men before running away.

The injured Filipino, a security guard aged about 30, was cut on his chin and hands. Bleeding from his injuries, he was sent to a hospital for medical treatment.

It was understood that the Indian man and the Filipinos did not know each other, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

Police received reports and arrested the man at a building on Estrada de Coelho do Amaral 10 minutes later but the man denied being involved.

Judiciary police took him back to the police station for further inquiries.

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