Taoyuan City Hall in northwestern Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Taoyuan City Hall in northwestern Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Operators of a cleaning business in Taoyuan in northwest Taiwan who were fined NT$300,000 (US$10,227) for hiring two illegal Vietnamese workers will have the punishment lifted by the city government, as the women deceived the company by using counterfeit ID papers.

Last year bosses of the company, who wanted to hire new migrants in order to help them adapt to the island state, interviewed two Vietnamese women who claimed to be migrant wives who had married local men, China Times reported.

The women handed Taiwan National Identification cards and National Health Insurance (NHI) cards to the bosses, who copied the documents for reference and planned to file applications for work insurance for the prospective employees.

The women said they would prefer to continue with insurance via their husbands’ accounts, so the company did not verify their ID numbers, as no insurance applications were needed.

Six months later, a police squad conducted a raid at the company and the two women were found to be runaway workers who using fake ID cards that looked genuine.

The company, however, was fined NT$300,000 by the Taoyuan City Government for hiring illegal workers.

However, Wang An-bang, head of the Department of Labor, said an investigation had confirmed that the company was deceived by the woman using fake documents to get work, so they would drop the punishment.

Wang stressed that employers should buy insurance for every employee and that would also verify their documents and give them better protection.