Calendaria, Quezon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ramon F Velasquez

A Filipino vacationing in his homeland and scheduled to return to his job in Dubai next week was killed on Saturday in an ax attack in Quezon province.

On Saturday evening, Efren Cornejo, 52, intervened in an argument between his son and a neighbor, Jhomel Marasigan, 19, in their home town of Candelaria, Kicker Daily News reported. The two young men eventually made peace and shook hands.

However, when Cornejo was heading home on his motorcycle, Marasigan allegedly attacked him from behind with an ax. Cornejo was hit on the head and body and died on the spot. Marasigan reportedly fled the scene.

Police were able to recover the ax at the crime scene and have launched a manhunt for Marasigan.

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