Dubai International City. Photo: Google Maps
Dubai International City. Photo: Google Maps

A 24-year-old Pakistani watchman convicted of stabbing a Filipino woman to death in Dubai in 2016 has lost his bid to reduce his punishment after the Appeal Court upheld his life sentence.

In February 2016, the Pakistani watchman was mopping a corridor in an apartment building at Dubai International City when he got into a heated argument with a Filipino woman after she kicked the bucket the man was using, Gulf News reported.

The Pakistani told the Filipina, who was living with her Indian boyfriend at the building, to remain in her apartment because he was cleaning the corridor. The Filipina yelled at him and kicked his bucket.

Following a heated argument, the man returned to the Filipina’s apartment with a fruit knife and a screwdriver. He claimed he wanted to check the fire alarm and forced his way into the flat.

The man repeatedly stabbed the Filipina in the stomach until she fell to the floor, using the screwdriver after his knife broke. After stabbing her 66 times, the man realized the woman was still breathing, so he grabbed a fish tank and smashed it on her head, killing her.

The Filipina’s boyfriend found her body when he returned home and called the police. Officers arrested the Pakistani after noticing injuries on the watchman’s face and body.

In August 2016, the Dubai Court of First Instance found the Pakistani guilty of premeditated killing. He was given a life sentence, which is normally 25 years in the United Arab Emirates.

The watchman filed an appeal to have his jail term reduced and state prosecutors also filed an appeal, seeking capital punishment for the man.

On Wednesday, the court dismissed the appeals and upheld the original life sentence. The man will be deported after serving his jail term.

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