The incident happened in a flat on Sanmin Road in Songshan district of Taipei City. Photo: Google Maps

A couple who had planned to marry next month were found dead in the bath of their apartment in Taipei on Saturday night. Police believe the pair died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty water heater in their small bathroom.

Their bodies were discovered when a 70-year-old man and his 28-year-old domestic worker, who lived on the floor above the couple’s flat, called police after feeling unwell. Police rushed to the seven-story building on Sanmin Road in Songshan district of Taipei City, Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

Police and firefighters sent the man and his maid to hospital, where they were reportedly in a stable condition. They then searched every floor of the building until the came to a unit on the first floor where no one was answering the door. They could hear running water inside.

The couple were found lying naked in the bathtub and unconscious. They were rushed to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

A preliminary investigation suggested the couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning as the window in the bathroom was shut and a high level of carbon monoxide was discovered. The poison gas was blamed on a faulty water heater.

An autopsy will be conducted to confirm the cause of death.

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