Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

Alibaba’s R&D arm DAMO Academy and Zhejiang University have co-launched Aliwood, an artificial intelligence technology that can automatically generate short videos based on graphic content, The Paper reported.

The technology can be applied to generate short videos for e-commerce products. For example, based on a link to a product detail webpage, it can automatically analyze multiple information from a product, and synthesize a short video within one minute.

Fu Limin, leader of the Natural Interaction Experience Lab at DAMO Academy, said video advertising can increase the online purchase volume by 2.6%, and extend the customer’s average browsing time by 5%.

It is worth mentioning that the team introduced an “emotional computing” capacity in the R&D process for the background music in the videos.

Thus, music is divided into four categories, including high or low arousal and positive or negative emotion. Aliwood automatically gives priority to “high and positive” music while choosing the background theme for each video.