The 16-year-old was allegedly starved by her employment agency after she ran away from her abusive employer. Photos: Facebook, Wikimedia Commons

A 16-year-old Filipino maid, illegally sent to Saudi Arabia after her employment agency falsified her documents, was allegedly sexually abused and then starved.

She went to Saudi Arabia earlier this year to work as a maid. However, she was allegedly sexually abused by her employer’s son, which prompted her to run away, The Filipino Times reported.

On February 25 her cousin, Ra-jas Avais Nasser, posted on her Facebook page that the girl left her employer and sought help from her employment agency. However, she said her cousin was allegedly starved by the agency and was only given water to drink.

Nasser also said her cousin had a swollen heart and was vomiting blood because of a lack of food. She claimed the agency falsified the girl’s documents so she would be allowed to work abroad.

Nasser also said the agency allegedly took all of the girl’s salary and did not get her any medical assistance.

On March 1, Nasser said her cousin had finally returned home. No details were given on how she was repatriated to the Philippines.

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