Tsing Yi in the New Territories was where a young girl choked and died after eating a grape. Photos: Google Maps / iStockphoto

A 26-month-old girl died after choking on a grape at her home in Tsing Yi in the New Territories in Hong Kong on Sunday night. At 8pm, she was found unconscious after dinner at her home in Ching Wah Court, the Apple Daily reported.

Her parents tried to dislodge the grape, but their attempts failed and the girl’s father rushed her to the Princess Margaret Hospital by taxi.

Medical personnel tried to resuscitate the child, but she was pronounced dead at 11pm. After an initial investigation, police believed no foul play was involved, but the cause of death would be determined by an autopsy.

Doctors said a lack of awareness among parents and carers often left young children at risk with things like grapes being caught in children’s airways.

In January, an eight-year-old schoolgirl collapsed after choking on a fish ball during recess at her school in Yuen Long. She died after 26 days in the hospital.

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