More cold weather on the way for Hong Kong. Photo: HK Observatory, iStockphoto

After a few days of warmer weather, the temperature is set to fall again in Hong Kong later this week.

The city experienced warm and humid weather on Monday with the temperature reaching 28 degrees Celsius.

But a cold front is due to cross the Guangdong coast on early on Tuesday and bring cooler weather to the region. The minimum temperature is expected to drop from 24C to around 18 degrees, according to the Observatory’s website.

With a monsoon on the way from the northeast, the temperature is tipped to drop further to 14 degrees Celsius on Thursday, then go down further to 12 degrees on Friday.

But the weather should improve over the weekend and become dry. The temperature will pick up gradually from Saturday till early next week.

Meanwhile, a respiratory specialist warned asthma patients to be aware of the big changes in temperature and advised them to keep warm with scarfs, news website reported.

Doctors have recommended that people get vaccinated against seasonal influenza as early as possible for personal protection, while those with respiratory symptoms should promptly seek medical advice.