PLA delegates to the National People’s Congress are seen in front to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Photo: People's Daily

Lawmakers from the People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force have suggested that China’s national service and mobilization mechanism be upgraded so that logistics and delivery of troops are ensured as absolute priorities in the event of a war.

One proposal is to deploy troops and reinforcements via the nation’s sprawling railway network as well as requisition of civil aircraft and vehicles. Materiel and non-explosive munitions could also be transported and delivered by China Post and private couriers to expedite preparations should China find itself in conflict with another nation.

Attending the annual National People’s Congress assembly in Beijing, delegates from the military also called for more frequent drills and exercises to hone the skills of solders and new recruits.

PLA delegates attend the opening ceremony of the annual NPC assembly. Photo: China News Service

After the recent takeover of China’s 1.52-million-strong Armed Police Force by the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, which is also the PLA’s command and control center, further militarization of training and management of the armed police have become a new emphasis.

It has been reported by Chinese media that themed war games of armed police units versus PLA regiments have been arranged, and some observers believe that the majority of the paramilitary police could be absorbed by the PLA.

Exercises for the Armed Police Force have been put at the center of strategies, Bao Yingxiang, commander of the armed police corps of Tianjin, told People’s Daily.

Together with Hebei province, Tianjin has always been a stronghold and naval bastion for defending the city of Beijing against foreign aggression as well as attacks by insurgents from elsewhere in China. A pilot scheme to incorporate armed police units into the local PLA garrison is under way in Tianjin.

Another key issue is a bid to unleash the potential of the troops by motivating them with honors and substantial benefits, such as handsome pecuniary awards, allowances and promotions to boost morale, Tian Min, deputy chief of staff of the PLA Central Theater Command, said during an interview with China National Radio.