Shenzhen. Photo: iStock
Shenzhen. Photo: iStock

In order to retain workplace expertise, Shenzhen is vigorously fighting the rise in housing prices by promoting the Talents Housing Project, Securities Daily reported.

In the city’s first bidding meeting for residential land in 2018, the Shenzhen Talents Housing Group snagged three pieces of land, becoming the biggest winner among other major real estate developers.

The company was set up by the Shenzhen government in 2016 with a goal to guarantee that existing talent in Shenzhen can live and work in peace through affordable properties.

It has not only concluded a number of big deals to obtain a great deal of housing, but also earned the opportunity to cooperate with major property developers.

On the company website, there are 2,871 housing units available for distribution, with 36 projects including 24,605 homes waiting to be built.