Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia

A Saudi Arabian man has impressed netizens after a video of him speaking fluent Tagalog went viral.

A Saudi man who speaks fluent Tagalog Photo: Glen Colinares

On March 5, a Facebook user who works in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as a waiter, posted two videos of a Saudi Arabian man ordering a drink in Tagalog.

In the videos, the Saudi man says he has been to Manila and Bicol. He also speaks in Bicolano, a dialect from the southeastern part of the Philippines. He says that whenever he meets a Filipino, he makes sure to speak in Tagalog so that he will not forget the language.

Netizens said they were impressed by the man’s fluency and accurate pronunciation of Tagalog words. One commenter said it was good that the man was not ashamed to speak in Tagalog as many of her compatriots prefer to use English.

The video has over two million views and more than 43,000 shares.